Gigi Gorlova Dubai 3D Artist

Gigi Gorlova is a British digital artist based in Dubai. Gigi’s colourful artwork is predominantly created using 3D software combined with manipulated photography. Her work is inspired by hyperrealism, surrealism, technology, colour and metallic textures.

She was featured on the cover of Khaleej Times WKND magazine for being one of the first NFT artists in the Middle East as well as Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. She has previously collaborated with Adidas and General Motors and has exhibited worldwide.

Her academic background includes attending University of Arts London where she studied Graphic Design and Illustration. She has previously worked with a number of design agencies and brands before going freelance in 2017.

Gigi Gorlova


My mission as a 3D artist is to create visually stunning and engaging content that inspires and captivates my audience. I strive to push the boundaries of what is possible with 3D art and to create work that is both technically impressive and emotionally resonant.


My vision as a 3D artist is to create immersive and captivating worlds that transport my audience to new and exciting places. I believe that 3D art has the power to change the way we see the world and to create new opportunities for self-expression and exploration.